Our submission team takes many elements into consideration when reviewing a submission, from lyrics, flow, melodies, and production choice to creativity, originality, style, and attitude. We’ll typically even check out your past releases, as well as how you present and conduct yourself on social media. We’re generally looking for artists that we believe have the potential to, or already are, producing great music and have that certain quality that might make them a superstar or at the very least have a career in music. We DO NOT spend 72 hours reviewing your submission or listen to every track all the way through. We typically are able to determine the quality of a submission within 10 seconds to 2 minutes.

*Note: If you submit content and for some reason, the play count on your song or video didn't change, that does not mean we did not review your submission. Each platform tracks play counts in a different way, some require 30 seconds, some don't count plays from users using VPNs, etc, and are not always 100% accurate. Rest assured, we've listened to your submission, it's our job.

Submit Here 👉 https://elevatormag.com/submit

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