Sponsored Articles are original editorial articles written by ELEVATOR staff that are funded by a sponsor or advertiser and posted on elevatormag.com.

A Featured Sponsored Article is a Sponsored Article that is displayed in our featured article section at the top of the site for 3 days. More people see it, so it costs more money.

All Sponsored Articles are labeled “Sponsored” in accordance with Advertising Disclosure Guidelines REQUIRED BY LAW by the Federal Trade Commission. Sponsored Articles do not guarantee any special or additional social media promotion from ELEVATOR or our affiliates and are subject to our normal approval process.

If you are an artist, label, or PR company that has an important content release, or campaign that you want to be covered and would like to incentivize ELEVATOR or a specific ELEVATOR writer to write an article for you, submit for a Sponsored Article.

Submit Here 👉 https://elevatormag.com/submit

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