Why Was My Content Declined?

There are many reasons why your content may be declined. However, this does not mean ELEVATOR has declined to cover you as a creator forever. It simply means we are not excited about covering you or your content at this particular time. Please continue to submit future content to us if you would like to be considered to be covered.

What Next?

If your content is declined, the status of your submission will be updated to "Declined" and you will receive an email notifying you that your submission has been declined. If you submitted for a promotion that was declined, your payment will not be captured and the payment hold will be released in a few days.

*Note: Standard Submission fees, whether accepted or declined, are non-refundable, as this fee is for the review process of your content. ONLY Sponsor and Promo submissions are charged if approved.

To learn how ELEVATOR reviews submission content please read

How Does ELEVATOR Judge Submissions?

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